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Cloud Computing

Greenpeace has been evaluating the energy demand of the internet, and the energy choices made by individual internet companies, since 2010. Dig deeper with the following:

IT Companies’ Climate Solutions

Greenpeace has focused on the technology sector because IT companies are uniquely positioned to help the world shift to a prosperous clean energy economy. IT companies can use their trademark innovation not only to mitigate their own carbon footprint, but also to help revolutionize our economy to be greener and more efficient. Dig deeper and learn more about IT companies’ climate solutions in Greenpeace’s Cool IT Leaderboard.

Greener Electronics

The electronics industry has a crucial role to play to help bring about a renewable energy revolution, ensure a toxic-free future, protect the health of its workers, and prevent environmental pollution. However, the clean-up of manufacturing methods or the elimination of hazardous chemicals in products and processing is only part of the solution. To ensure a credible response to these urgent environmental issues, major companies need to rethink the way that electronic devices are used and made, in order to reverse the ever-increasing consumption of consumer electronics. As the demand for greener electronics from the public grows, companies should prove their ability to innovate, building on their progress so far and going beyond what we think is possible now. The electronics market is perfectly placed to lead the way towards a truly greener, more sustainable future. Dig deeper at our Guide to Greener Electronics page.

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Knocking down barriers to vote in Oregon

Blog by Rachel Rye Butler | February 26, 2015

Unlike many states which are facing ALEC and Koch-tied attacks on voting rights– voter ID bills being a prime example of how special interests are working to disenfranchise Americans and make it harder for our voices to be heard– in the next...

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