Russia detains 28 international activists and two journalists following peaceful protest to stop climate change

Following a peaceful protest at an oil platform which resulted in two arrests, the Greenpeace ship the Arctic Sunrise was illegally boarded by the Russian Coast Guard. Captain Peter Willcox and others have been sentenced to two months in custody pending a piracy investigation.

"This is a disproportionate use of state authority to try to silence off every important global conversation that needs to be had, because right now we are reaching the tipping point on climate."
-Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace International Executive Director

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Tell Russia to release peaceful Greenpeace activists

Blog by Cassady Sharp | September 19, 2013

After Greenpeace attempted a peaceful protest against Gazprom, a Russian oil company, from drilling in the Arctic, Russian authorities illegally boarded a Greenpeace ship via helicopter and are holding more than twenty activists on board at...

LIVE FROM RUSSIA: Russian Coast Guard illegally boards Greenpeace ship

Blog by Meena Hussain | September 19, 2013

A peaceful protest at an oil rig in the Arctic against risky oil drilling has resulted in two arrests, with Greenpeace activists currently being held at gunpoint by the Russian Coast Guard. The Russian Coast Guard illegally boarded Greenpeace’s...

Every act of peaceful rebellion adds up

Blog by Kumi Naidoo | September 19, 2013

I woke up at the crack of dawn this morning with my stomach in knots as I scrambled to check my twitter feed and email. It was five a.m. but I was wide awake; physically in Amsterdam but my heart … Continue reading →

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