Greenpeace Energy [R]evolution

Energy [R]evolution: A Sustainable Energy Outlook for the USA

We need to stop investing in a broken energy economy and kickstart a clean energy revolution. A report prepared by Greenpeace and the European Renewable Energy Council, Energy [R]evolution: A Sustainable USA Energy Outlook, is a comprehensive blueprint for building the clean energy economy of the future while leaving behind the dirty energy sources of the past.

The Greenpeace report, Energy [R]evolution: A Sustainable U.S.A. Energy Outlook, details how the United States can cut greenhouse gas emissions to the levels we must reach in order to prevent the worst effects of global warming and simultaneously build a sustainable economy.

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The Energy [R]evolution shows how by 2050 renewable energy sources could provide around 96 percent of electricity produced in the USA and 98 percent of our total heating demand, accounting for around 88 percent of our overall primary energy demand. The blueprint would create about 1.1 million jobs in the renewables sector alone by 2030. The total fuel cost savings in the scenario described could reach a total of $7.4 trillion, or $173 billion per year.

Key principles of the Energy [R]evolution

The threat of climate change demands nothing short of an Energy Revolution - a transformation that has already started, as renewable energy markets exhibit huge and steady growth. At the core of this revolution will be a change in the way that energy is produced, distributed and consumed.

The five key principles behind this shift will be to:

  • Implement renewable solutions, especially through decentralized energy systems
  • Respect the natural limits of the environment
  • Phase out dirty, unsustainable energy sources
  • Create greater equity in the use of resources
  • Decouple economic growth from the consumption of fossil fuels

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Greenpeace Energy [R]evolution iPhone appGreenpeace's global Energy [R]evolution scenario provides a practical blueprint for the world's renewable energy future. Through the Energy [R]evolution iPhone app you can find out how the world can get from where we are today to where we need to be in the future in terms of phasing out fossil fuels, cutting CO2 emissions while ensuring energy security, bringing energy to an extra 2 billion people who currently have no access to electricity, and creating millions of green collar jobs.

This is the future as it could and should be! Download the app now!

Or you can read more about the Energy [R]evolution iPhone app.

Read the Energy [R]evolution report

Greenpeace Energy [R]evolution: USA Energy Outlook 2010

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