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We embarked on a three-month expedition to support independent research into the impacts of the Gulf oil disaster. Join us as we present highlights from the tour, take your questions and let you know what we're doing next.

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We traveled throughout the Gulf, bringing independent research scientists on board to examine various aspects of oil spill impacts. Whether by ship, helicopter or even by submarine, see where we went and what we saw by selecting layers to view on the map below. View our ship's route, blogs, images, videos and tweets by selecting the checkmark next to the layer name. Then click on the icon to view content or on the ship route's path to learn more about that leg of the tour.

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Getting the truth about the oil spill and confronting reckless oil exploration

Blog by MikeG | August 26, 2010

You've probably seen that our ship, the Arctic Sunrise , is in the Gulf of Mexico right now on a mission to get to the truth about the oil spill and its impacts on the Gulf's ecosystems and wildlife. You might also have seen that...

Greenpeace visits the Oil Spill Commission

Blog by jhocevar | August 25, 2010 1 comment

Today, the Oil Spill Commission is holding a day full of hearings here in Washington DC. The Commission, charged with developing recommendations to ensure that the disastrous BP Horizon spill is never repeated, is hearing from a...

Cloudy Day on the Gulf

Blog by dhowells | August 24, 2010 4 comments

Yesterday was a hot hot day. Not even so much because of the weather — although it was warm. More because a couple of us spent the day on the poop deck of the Arctic Sunrise doing plankton tows. Now, that may not seem like much,...

Captain's Log -- Arctic Sunrise

Blog by Pete Willcox | August 23, 2010 10 comments

The water is the deepest blue. There are clumps of Sargasso all round.  Where they are bigger than one square foot, they have schools of tiny fish, hiding from the sun. As we approach with the ship, the schools start to swim away, but...

Creatures small to big

Blog by dhowells | August 22, 2010 2 comments

The Arctic Sunrise has made it's way west across the Gulf of Mexico about 100 miles south of the Louisiana coast. We're making our way to the first of a series of blue clab larvae tows scientists from Tulane will be doing to study the...

The End of the Beginning – on to the next stage

Blog by phorsman | August 19, 2010 3 comments

Today, as news of the discovery of a 22-mile plume of oil droplets is revealed in a report in the Journal, Science the first leg of the Greenpeace expedition on board the Arctic Sunrise ended.  The scientists, Drs. Jo Lopez and Chuck...

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