How to Clean Up an Oil Spill - Scamwow!

Scamwow! Whether you're in Louisiana, Alaska, Nigeria, or Ecuador, Scamwow will meet all your oil spill cleanup needs.

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Our PolluterWatch project is holding polluters, their lobbyists, and the politicians who work with them accountable for poisoning the climate debate and blocking much-needed environmental regulations.

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Some Reflections on the Elections

Blog by rgardner | November 3, 2010 6 comments

Last night was an interesting night. I’d like to weigh in a little bit about the election, who really won, and the impact of dirty money on this election cycle. Clearly, Big Oil and King Coal won last night. Pure and simple. Voters...

Oil Billionaire Koch Brothers exposed in The New Yorker

Blog by Joe Smyth | August 24, 2010 10 comments

The New Yorker published a must-read expose of Charles and David Koch this week, detailing the major role that these oil billionaire brothers have played in funding organizations that misrepresent the science of climate change like...

David Koch in NY Magazine: Tea Party Wallet and Unabashed Global Warming Denier

Blog by kert_davies | July 27, 2010 6 comments

Check out today's New York Magazine article on the second richest man in New York, and richest climate denier on the planet, David Koch: The Billionaire's Party: David Koch is New York's second-richest man, a celebrated patron of the...

Help call out the Dirty Lie

Blog by mikeg | July 26, 2010 42 comments

We’ve all heard the arguments from Big Oil and King Coal: “Without coal and oil, energy and gas prices would go through the roof;” or “We have to use domestic coal and oil reserves to ensure our energy security;” and “Renewables can’t...

Bill Koch: The Dirty Money Behind Cape Wind Opposition

Blog by mikeg | July 22, 2010 13 comments

We released a report back in March that exposed Charles and David Koch , the billionaire oilmen who control Koch Industries, as a chief source of funding for the climate denial machine. Well, turns out doing everything possible to...

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