While the rest of the world is trying to stop global warming and protect the planet for future generations, ExxonMobil is busy drilling for more oil and polluting the atmosphere. What's worse, ExxonMobil is doing its best to stop other countries' attempts to prevent the world from heating up. Check out ExxonMobil's dirty secrets at www.exxonsecrets.org. Here are five reasons why ExxonMobil is worse than other oil companies:

1. ExxonMobil tries to convince the public that global warming isn't happening even though ExxonMobil is one of its main causes. It spends millions of dollars on misleading propaganda every year.

2. ExxonMobil has played a leading role in sabotaging international attempts to stop global warming. It would rather sell more gasoline than protect future generations.

3. ExxonMobil doesn't believe renewable energy has a future. "With no readily available economic alternatives on the horizon, fossil fuels will continue to supply most of the world's energy needs for the foreseeable future." --Lee Raymond, ExxonMobil CEO, 1997

4. ExxonMobil is the biggest oil company in the world - its profits totalled more than US$12 billion in 2000. If anyone can afford to help stop global warming it's ExxonMobil.

5. ExxonMobil was one of the main financial contributors to George Bush's election campaign. As soon as George Bush became president, he announced that the U.S. would pull out of international agreements to stop global warming - exactly the position that ExxonMobil was promoting.

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Greenpeace and Chesapeake Climate activists hold banners for the Strike Out Exxon at Nationals Park campaign during a Nationals game against the New York Mets in Washington, D.C., September 15, 2008. The campaign has been keeping the heat on the...

Exxon Still Funding Climate Change Deniers

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So. The day of reckoning has come – when we get to find out just how much of the climate change denial industry ExxonMobil is still paying for.

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We all know by now that fossil fuels are causing global warming, and that it’s time to make the switch to renewable energy and find a way out of our oil addiction. But someone forgot to share the news with ExxonMobil. When it comes to dinosaur...

Exxon is a fossil fuel dinosaur: It's time

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Exxon is a fossil fuel dinosaur: It's time to embrace clean energy technology like wind and solar.

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New details are emerging about an in-depth relationship between the White House and ExxonMobil. Several articles in recent weeks have uncovered a detailed trail of deception to cover up the facts about global warming and influence political...

Don't Buy ExxonMobil: Petition

Publication | September 20, 2004 at 18:00

Pledge not to buy ExxonMobil until it stops sabotaging action on global warming and supports mandatory reductions in global warming pollution. Download this petition and invite others to pledge as well.

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