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End the expansion of nuclear power

There are 104 operating nuclear reactors in the United States, and each
one is a threat to public health, safety and the environment. If a meltdown
were to occur, the accident could kill and injure tens of thousands of people,
leaving large regions uninhabitable.

The Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan is a tragic reminder that nuclear
power is inherently dangerous, especially to nearby communities. Radiation
spread well beyond the Japanese government's evacuation zone, and the
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) advised Americans to evacuate a 50-
mile radius zone around Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant.

However, the NRC only requires emergency response plans for communities
within 10 mile of nuclear plants in the United States, so many Americans
don't know they are at risk. Nationwide, 1 in 3 Americans live within 50
miles of a nuclear plant - that's why we built this map.

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Today is the 3rd Anniversary of the Fukushima Disaster

Blog by Jason Schwartz | March 11, 2014

Today marks a tragic day, not just in Japanese history, but in the history of the world. Three years ago, an earthquake caused a massive tsunami that killed more than 18,000 people and displaced hundreds of thousands more. The tsunami also...

Fukushima: We must not forget!

Blog by Dr. Rianne Teule | March 11, 2014

This post originally appeared on the blog of Greenpeace International “Forgetting Fukushima makes it more likely that such a nuclear disaster could happen elsewhere,” said Mrs Tatsuko Okawara, one of the hundreds of thousands of victims of the...

2011: Thanks for an Amazing Year of Victories for the Planet

Blog by chris eaton | December 22, 2011

With the nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima and the rising challenge of climate change, 2011 might seem like a dark year for the environment. Yet this year also gave me a lot of hope. The growing power of grassroots activists has...

Redefining “Cold shutdown” doesn’t hide the truth about Fukushima

Blog by Justin McKeating | December 20, 2011

A satellite image shows damage at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant In Fukushima Prefecture after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami (© DigitalGlobe) The Japanese authorities stated last Friday that Fukushima is in a state of "cold...

Natural Disasters: The Silent Nuclear Threat

Blog by Matthew K | October 31, 2011 7 comments

Nuclear power plants and the risks posed by natural disasters are under increased public attention since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan melted down and released enormous amounts of radiation. On March 11 of this...

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