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Living a Toxic-Free Life

Taking a sip of water. Walking your kids to school. Biting a red apple. None of those activities should include the word “toxic.

Every human deserves to live their lives without fearing they may be consuming toxic chemicals or could be seconds away from a chemical disaster.

The production, trade, use, and release of toxic synthetic chemicals are a threat to human health and the environment everywhere. Still, the industries that produce and release toxic chemical compounds find ways to persist, often with little or no testing, safety requirements, or understanding of the impacts of their behavior.

Greenpeace internationally campaigns to protect people and ecosystems from the dangers of toxic chemical exposure particularly those working at chemical facilities and communities living near these dangerous facilities. We monitor industry’s actions on the ground, keep the public informed about risks, perform direct interventions at pollution sites, and advocate for major change in legislation and corporate policy.

Find out where more than 400 high-risk chemical plants are located.

And we are making progress every day. Consumer products are less toxic. Companies and countries are beginning to responsibly handle mountains of electronic waste. And we support  communities across developing countries to protect their soil, water, and advocate for safe working conditions.

Take action today! You can help prevent a toxic disaster in your community by signing our petition to President Obama.


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Blog by reneeclaire1 | February 11, 2008

Hello, I'm very sorry I haven't updated my blog recently. I know how many of you check up on my  blog posting each morning. ha.  So, I think I mentioned around thanksgiving that my good friend Liz is having a baby. She is due in two...

A Splash of Something Incredible

Blog by reneeclaire1 | January 17, 2008 1 comment

Not even a year ago, Steve Jobs said we were making a big fuss over a whole lot of nothing. Since then, he has posted his environmental commitment on the Apple website and on Tuesday for the first time in Apple history he discussed the...

Victory! Again.

Blog by reneeclaire1 | December 12, 2007

Being an activist, as you know well, is not always particularly satisfying. You read about a lot of crappy things that crappy people do. You repeat the same information to the same decision makers hoping that this will be the time they...

Guide Gets People Talking . . .

Blog by reneeclaire1 | December 4, 2007 1 comment

. . .  which is what it should be doing. Articles galore, supporter feedback. Some good discussions have been coming out of the latest Guide to Greener Electronics. Our international co-worker Tom put up a blog today that I thought...

It's Not Just About You and Me

Blog by reneeclaire1 | November 30, 2007

When we debuted our Guide for Greener Electronics, we started the discussion with needing cleaner and greener cell phones and laptops in our homes and pockets. Last week we introduced the need for the gifts we give to video game lovers...

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