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Living a Toxic-Free Life

Taking a sip of water. Walking your kids to school. Biting a red apple. None of those activities should include the word “toxic.

Every human deserves to live their lives without fearing they may be consuming toxic chemicals or could be seconds away from a chemical disaster.

The production, trade, use, and release of toxic synthetic chemicals are a threat to human health and the environment everywhere. Still, the industries that produce and release toxic chemical compounds find ways to persist, often with little or no testing, safety requirements, or understanding of the impacts of their behavior.

Greenpeace internationally campaigns to protect people and ecosystems from the dangers of toxic chemical exposure particularly those working at chemical facilities and communities living near these dangerous facilities. We monitor industry’s actions on the ground, keep the public informed about risks, perform direct interventions at pollution sites, and advocate for major change in legislation and corporate policy.

Find out where more than 400 high-risk chemical plants are located.

And we are making progress every day. Consumer products are less toxic. Companies and countries are beginning to responsibly handle mountains of electronic waste. And we support  communities across developing countries to protect their soil, water, and advocate for safe working conditions.

Take action today! You can help prevent a toxic disaster in your community by signing our petition to President Obama.


The latest updates


House Energy and Commerce Committee in bed with the Oil and Chemical Companies

Blog by Will Vickery | May 26, 2011

On Thursday, May 26 the House Committee on Energy and Commerce held a “markup” and vote on H.R. 908 , a bill to extend the flawed Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) for seven years. Despite calls from Greenpeace and...

Re. Ed Markey Comes out Singing for Chemical Security

Blog by jdeans | May 26, 2011

Today's Energy and Commerce Committee Markup went poorly for communities at risk of chemical disasters. To Poke a little fun, Congressman Markey (along with some compelling statements) sang a song about the need for safer...

Even Warren Buffett Can't Make Dow's Chemical Facilities More Secure

Blog by jdeans | May 12, 2011

Over 400 shareholders are expected today at Dow Chemical’s annual general meeting, and security is high , according to Andrew Dodson at . They have guards everywhere and attendees, including the press, are not being allowed...

Republican led bill protects chemical and oil industry profits, leaves Americans at...

Blog by Joe Smyth | May 4, 2011 1 comment

A Republican led Congressional committee adopted legislation today pushed by the chemical and oil refining industries that would extend a flawed temporary chemical security law until 2017. The legislation, approved by voice...

DuPont Ignores Catastrophic Liability at Shareholders Meeting

Blog by jdeans | April 27, 2011 1 comment

Today, DuPont is holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Wilmington, DE. Attending shareholders will receive a lot of information, but Greenpeace suspected that the folks at DuPont’s corporate headquarters would be glossing over...

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