Greenpeace India has been forced to close regional offices in New Delhi and Patna, and shrink in size considerably because of Enforcement Directorate’s unlawful crackdown, but will continue to fight against climate change with a renewed zeal.

New Delhi/ Bengaluru | February 2, 2019| Greenpeace India will continue its climate fight despite recent attacks by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). Staff across New Delhi, Bengaluru and Patna joined in to declare their commitment to the cause as volunteers even after the organisation is forced to close key regional offices in New Delhi and Patna, owing to a funding crisis arising from the latest targeting by the ED.

Diya Deb, Campaign Director said, “The crackdown is not going to stop Greenpeacers across India from doing their real work – to work on urgent issues of climate change. Indians donate to Greenpeace India because they believe in their right to clean air, right to safe food and clean energy. They trust us with their hard earned money to create a healthier, cleaner and sustainable environment for our present and future generations. We will not let one obstacle get in the way of our real work. We have always been proud of taking personal risks to expose vested interest groups who destroy India’s environment and threaten its ecological future, and we will continue to do so wherever we are.. Greenpeace India is the collective voice of thousands of Indian donors, activists and volunteers. Their spirit and optimism will reflect in the coming days, as many of them now continue to work as volunteers. ”

The government can only freeze our accounts and shut our offices but Greenpeace is an idea that can never be extinguished. While most of us will not be employed with the organisation,  the campaign for environmental justice and peace will continue.

She added: “Greenpeace India released a report on India’s air quality – Airpocalypse III on Tuesday. We’re going to keep pushing the government and authorities for better policies. The report highlights the state of air quality across Indian cities and we will continue the discourse on public health through our clean air work.”

Satyapal Nobatlal, the oldest employee at Greenpeace India. He has participated in several public actions – in 2003 he stood in solidarity with Bhopal Gas Tragedy victims. And in 2007, he raised his voice for clean energy campaign ‘Ban the Bulb’ in Uttarakhand. He finished his twenty years of term yesterday after the New Delhi office was closed due to funding crisis. “I have seen Greenpeace India through several crisis and we have always beat it. This time is no different, but today, I am being forced to give up my livelihood because the government has chosen to suppress all dissenting voices. But the voice of Greenpeace India cannot be silenced and I feel proud to be a part of this institution which has never feared to speak truth to power.. I know for sure that in the days to come we will have more offices in cities across India. It is not a crime to demand for clean air, renewable energy and safe food.”

Greenpeace is symbolic of a rainbow of hope –hope for a clean, green and a healthy planet for the generations to come. And you cannot sink a rainbow.

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Notes to Editor:

  1. Government crackdown press statement here