Beyond Fossil Fuels

Planning a just transition for Alaska's economy

October 25, 2017

Across the state of Alaska, a post-oil future is coming into view and taking shape through the work of people, communities and organizations.

You can see it in the vegetables growing in Arctic greenhouses, in wind turbines replacing diesel to power community microgrids, and in the spread of innovative educational initiatives. This future could improve the lives of every Alaskan, but it needs faith and support from every level of leadership in the state in order to be fully realized. Without support from local, state and federal governments, these innovative efforts might remain only local and not achieve the growth needed to ensure a just transition for the people of Alaska.

This report seeks to describe key features of Alaska’s economic landscape and highlight existing community projects and ideas that are signposts on the road to a sustainable economy. Many of these ideas were brought forth during two workshops in July 2016. Participants were predominantly Alaskans from across the state who hold a great diversity of knowledge and expertise in the different subject areas. In addition to these existing projects, the report includes recommendations for policies that could help amplify and accelerate this transition beyond a continued economic dependence on fossil fuels and toward a just and sustainable economy.

To read the full report, please download the PDF here.

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