(Greenpeace India welcomes the draft order issued by the Ministry of Agriculture intended to ban 27 pesticides)

In a gazette notification issued on May 14, 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture proposed a draft order intended to ban the 27 pesticides. Greenpeace India welcomes the draft and we believe that the government will implement the recommendations of the Dr. Anupam Verma Committee Report, 2015 without any delay to protect indian consumers, farmers and the environment from the hazardous impacts of these 27 insecticides. Greenpeace firmly believes it to be a right step towards achieving the goal of right to safe food for all.

In an unprecedented time like these, when the pandemic has exposed the food systems across the world, the need of the time is to make our food systems resilient, just and equitable for all and it is an opportunity for India and its farmers to take the lead in shaping the global agriculture system.

With deep respect for the diverse and inclusive nature of our farming we celebrate the species and genetic diversities our farmers have conserved and enhanced over several millennia. We strongly believe that the knowledge system, soaked in love, respect and compassion for all living and nonliving beings, has provided a sound foundation for the global movement for a safe and nutritious food production system.

It’s worth mentioning that Greenpeace India has been working on sustainable agriculture since its presence in India. We are vocal supporters of community owned food systems that enable farmers to grow, consume and sell safe, nutritious and diverse food and ensure nutritional security to the nation. We work with networks, civil society groups, farmer communities and government institutions to create the enabling environment for our farmers to move towards resilient and sustainable ecological farming practices. 

It was unfortunate to have found a reputed media organization giving space to unverified and erroneous content on their medium. However, we appreciate the corrections issued by them. We also take this opportunity to express our solidarity and togetherness with these safe food activists  and sovereignty movements. We also urge the media houses to be more responsible and factual with their content as these safe food activists and organizations have invested their considerable effort in empowering the farming community, strengthening the safe food movement and take the lead in shaping the agriculture system which is resilient.  

Rebuild a Safe Future #TowardsBetter

The COVID19 crisis has revealed the vulnerability of our food, economic, healthcare, and welfare systems. We have the power to move humanity towards a better future.

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