Ban private jets

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Just 1% of the global population is responsible for half of the world’s aviation emissions. The super rich proudly accelerate the #ClimateCrisis, showing off their planet-wrecking lifestyle. Let’s stop this reckless behavior. Add your name.

Private jets are the epitome of social and climate injustice: a supremely privileged minority flying like there’s no tomorrow without any restriction, while 80% of the global population has never even been on a plane and is most heavily impacted by the climate crisis

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I call on governments to ban private jets, in order to tackle climate injustice and inequality 

Why are private jets an issue? Some key facts

A private jet flight causes about 10 times more CO2 emissions than a regular flight per flight per person, and 50 times more than the average train ride.

80% of the world’s population have never flown, yet they’re the ones most impacted by the climate crisis.
In just one hour, a single private jet can emit two tonnes of CO2. The global average energy-related carbon footprint is around 4.7 tonnes of CO2 per person per year.