It’s time to defund nature destruction. Tell governments we must regulate the banks

The faces of people defending the forest © Edward Beskow / Greenpeace

Sign this manifesto and join us:

  • I believe we must protect and restore nature and forests. Nature is vital to climate stability, sustainable economy, our well-being and life on earth.
  • I demand governments implement new laws and enforce existing regulations to stop the billions of dollars giant banks are giving to nature-destroying companies.
  • I demand governments hold banks and corporations accountable for nature destruction.
  • I demand governments reform our financial sector so we shift from nature destruction to its protection and restoration.

As long as money keeps flowing towards nature destruction, we can’t solve the climate crisis and reverse biodiversity collapse. We need urgent government action to protect and restore nature and defund its destruction.

Artist rendition, not AI

Earth – our home – is facing an unprecedented crisis in biodiversity loss, global heating, and extreme weather. With it, our collective future on the planet we call home is put at risk.

Each year, we witness the loss of more of nature’s treasures – forests, lakes, rivers, savannahs, grasslands and wetlands. Who’s to blame? Giant corporations destroying nature for industrial agriculture, beef, soy, palm oil, feed, timber, paper and mining… and maximum profit. 

Greedy corporations don’t value what we value. They are destroying nature’s treasures making the climate crisis and biodiversity collapse worse. Banks and finance Institutions provide billions so these businesses continue to operate without accountability. And our governments fail to regulate them all in the name of endless economic growth.

Governments close their eyes to nature destruction. Artist rendition, not AI

We need national action plans to protect and restore nature and defund destruction

Activists stand in the Carpathian forest holding banners that read: 'SOS Carpathians' and 'Carpathian Defenders'

In 2022, 188 nations signed a new international agreement to stop nature destruction. It’s a big deal because these nations pledged to shift subsidies away from destructive practices and to reform the finance sector. They pledged to protect, conserve and restore ecosystems, reform the financial sector, and respect the solutions of Indigenous Peoples and local communities. In 2024, they are supposed to present their plans and we’re here to make sure they do. No more empty promises.

We’re calling on you to join a worldwide movement of people, just like you, who want to protect and restore nature and defund destruction. Together, we can chart a new course to a brighter, sustainable future.