Preparing for the Future

Our future is full of new challenges. A growing number of young people feel unsettled as they foresee a world changed by the climate crisis. Others chose to remain in a state of complacency and denial, believing nothing will change. We need new ways to face the coming challenges. This means more than coping with higher temperatures; it’s striving under different economic systems and adapting to new ways of living and learning together.

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Street Classrooms:

Street Classrooms are the result of a Greenpeace Mindworks, Climate Psychology Alliance and Presencing Institute collaboration to learn from students what kind of skills and knowledge they think they need to adapt to the emerging future.

Lasting from 45 mins to 3 hours, sessions can be held anywhere, in open spaces or designated rooms, during climate protests or any other time. They aim for deep learning experiences by addressing unspoken anxieties and equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to face the emerging future. This inspires new personal choices and fosters compassion and courage in society.

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“I like to be prepared. The street classrooms teach me skills that I need, to manage our journey through an uncertain future.”   – Emma, a 14 year old student.

Heading to the First Street Classroom, in Zurich. © Greenpeace

Heading to the First Street Classroom, in Zurich. © Greenpeace