Can nature count on you?


Nature, our life support system, is at risk and with it nothing less than life on Earth!

NOW we have a unique opportunity to write history and change the path for nature protection! The Biodiversity COP15 will take place from 7th -19th of December in Montreal.

LET’S MAKE SURE the world leaders truly put nature and life at the heart of all decision making.

BE PART OF the 1 DAY 4 NATURE – a unique  digital day of action on the 6th of December! We come together virtually and call on the world leaders to deliver a ‘New deal for nature’ at the Biodiversity COP15!

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Europe is failing nature! 

Europe is historically and still today responsible for decimating natural resources around the world as well as the rights of local communities and Indigenous Peoples depending on them.

But not only is the global impact of European countries and companies on nature devastating, Europe also keeps on failing to live up to its promises on nature and biodiversity protection in their own backyards. Precious nature hotspots, even protected areas, are being destroyed, especially for intensive animal farming and excessive forest cutting, usually for short-lived wood products like cardboard and wood burning. This has to change!

Make sure the European Commission and governments as well as world leaders don’t miss the critical moment to put nature and people first at the UN Biodiversity COP15 and deliver a #NewDeal4Nature.