Stand with Amazon Defenders

The Amazon rainforest is still being destroyed at an alarming rate. In 2022 alone, an area the size of 3.165 soccer fields was destroyed every day in the Amazon. Scientists warn us that the Amazon is approaching a tipping point in which it will not be able to sustain itself and fail as a rainforest.

Indigenous Peoples and environmental defenders have been fighting to protect the Amazon for generations. Yet, they are met with violence by those who want to profit off of the destruction of the rainforest. For decades, their safety has been ignored and in recent years the Amazon has become more dangerous than ever. The Amazon is vital for biodiversity, the lives of Indigenous Peoples, and to the global climate.

To win the fight against the climate crisis, we must protect the Amazon and stand with environmental defenders.

Join the Movement

Stand with Indigenous Peoples and environmental defenders to protect the Amazon.