European finance institutions: stop fuelling war

Help us expose 10 European finance institutions and demand that they immediately cut their ties with the Russian fossil fuel industry.

Fossil fuels have been at the core of so much suffering for so long. From causing climate change and its devastating consequences, to driving conflicts across the world. It’s clear that the world’s unwillingness to end reliance on fossil fuels is fuelling global destruction and unrest.

Yet, many European finance institutions keep feeding this monster with money, which in turn fuels conflict – in this case Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

Tell the CEOs of European finance institutions: stop fuelling war

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This has to end today. Demand that European finance institutions stop providing finance to Russian fossil fuel companies and that they transition away from fossil fuel investments and towards investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The fossil fuel addiction has to be cut globally, as simply replacing Russian oil and gas with fossil fuels from other places, leaves us in the same toxic circle and leads to more suffering and devastation. European finance institutions have a key role to play in ending the world’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Send an email directly to the CEOs of the following European finance institutions and demand they stop funding fossil fuels and Putin’s military power:

  1. Intesa SanPaolo (Italy)
  2. UniCredit (Italy)
  3. Societe Generale (France)
  4. Raiffeisen Bank International (Austria)
  5. UBS (Switzerland)
  6. Credit Suisse (Switzerland)
  7. Schroders (UK)
  8. Pictet (Switzerland)
  9. East Capital (Sweden)
  10. Carnegie Fonder (Sweden)