Come with us to the doorsteps of those responsible for this crisis.

Climate impacts, already experienced by the world’s poorest, are today palpable across the planet. We’re facing extreme weather events, catastrophic loss of wildlife and a crisis over future access to freshwater and food.

Sign on and together – along with the millions of other everyday people who are also stepping up across the world – we’ll go to the doorsteps of those who are responsible and accountable for this climate crisis. Whether we’re stopping an oil rig from drilling for oil in Europe, closing a coal mine in Australia, telling car companies to stop producing cars which choke our cities, confronting the industries driving deforestation or calling out our global politicians for action not words, we’ll all go together.

Sign the open letter and join the fast-growing movement of people doing whatever it takes to force politicians, businesses, financiers and the media to recognise the climate crisis for what it is: an existential emergency that needs immediate action.

We’re in a climate crisis. Act like it.

It is time to create a new and just global society that redesigns the way we interact with the environment and each other.

We say to all those with responsibility for this crisis – from the fossil fuel majors to the forest destroyers, and all those that bankroll them; to the politicians who have failed to take strong enough action – we hold you to account.

This petition unites the voices of Greenpeace campaigns working on the climate crisis – from petitions to call for a climate emergency to the movement to protect the rainforests, to the people rising up against the fossil fuel industry, to protecting our oceans. This petition represents the sum of our collective strength.