Green Jobs and Plans — an ode to Joe Manchin

by Katie Myer

December 21, 2021

Joe Manchin stands in the way of a transformative bill. Greenpeace USA stands with the human rights, justice, environment, and labor movements to tell Joe Manchin to pass the Build Back Better Act

Illustration of Joe Manchin holding up his hand to say “no, I won’t vote for Green Jobs and Plans,” in the style of Sam-I-Am

“Senator Manchin: would you, could you, from your yacht?” — Illustration by t. Cashman Avila Beck

Would you pass green jobs and plans?

I do not like green jobs and plans
I don’t care for the common man

Would you help us Build Back Better?
Stop corporate greed—amok, unfettered?

Build Back Better’s not my jam
I’d rather claim it’s all a scam
My friends are capitalist cronies
“Dem” by my name, but I’m a phony

COVID killed kids, women, men
I can’t afford my EpiPen
We’re struggling just to stay alive
Ending the filibuster could save our hide

Climate, justice, human rights
Could be decimated, overnight
Would you help us with our plight?
Vote for jobs, help make things right?

I would not, could not on a yacht
I would not, could not, I am bought
I would not like to stop Big Oil
Voting Rights? Happy to spoil

Health care, fair wages, child care
One vote per person is only fair
Keep the USA afloat!
For better jobs, please cast your vote!

A yacht! A yacht! A yacht! A yacht!
Would you, could you from your yacht?
Would you help us stop the plot?
Would you help us from your yacht?

Not from my home, not from my yacht
Not born into wealth? I won’t give you a shot
I’m rich, but it’s bootstraps for you, you see!
Bootstraps for you, payoffs for me

I will not help you, not today
Dollar signs stand in my way
I profit off of fossil fuels
I will not help, I’m a corporate tool

Greenpeace US activists bring to life how ExxonMobil controls puppets like Senator Joe Manchin and in turn how Manchin pulls the strings on Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in front of the Capitol. Fossil fuel companies like Exxon Mobil control puppets.

Katie Myer

By Katie Myer

Katie Myer (she/her), Digital Content Strategist, uses the power of storytelling and art to build empathy and connections that drive social change. She brings almost two decades of user experience, technology, and communications expertise from both the for- and non-profit sectors to her role at Greenpeace USA. A long-time activist in her local community, she is passionate about shifting our society to a more proactive, intentional model of community care. 

She enjoys collaborating with others to co-create something better than they could build alone. She is grateful for the opportunity to work with and learn from her colleagues and leaders in this movement each day as they fight together for a more just world for all.

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