How to Detox a fashion brand in 14 days, 6 cities and 10,000 tweets

by Juliette Hauville

January 30, 2014

You did it! The British luxury brandBurberry today committed to rid their clothes and manufacturing processes of toxic Little Monstersby 2020. This is fantastic news and another people powered victory on the runway to a toxic-free future.

Greenpeace’s Detox campaign works to pressure major fashion companies to remove the hazardous chemicals their manufacturing processwhich contaminates local drinking water near their global factories.

The recent announcement from Burberry is all thanks to our dedicated supporters.

keep calm and detox

So, how did this happen? Well, its first and foremost, thanks to the thousands of people who took action online, or took to the high streets in cities around the world calling on Burberry to commit to Detox.

Social Media Storm

In a three day social media storm, Greenpeace supporters, parents and fashion fans alike sent Burberry the Detox message loud and clear. First, we took to Twitter whereover 10,000 people tweeted @Burberryto stop the Little Monsters, then the brands Facebook wall flooded with calls for them to clean up their act. Finally, Instagramers used the platform to spell out the message to the brand in pictures!

High Street Happenings

Meanwhile, Greenpeace volunteers in 6 countries, from Beijing to Jakarta, from the Netherlands to Mexico, visited Burberry shops to reveal the Little Monsters hiding in their tartan check and called on the brand to stop using toxic monsters in its clothes.

A step closer to a Detox future

Burberry joins 18 big brands likeZara,ValentinoandH&Mwho have committed to Detox their clothes and manufacturing process of these hazardous little monsters. These commitments are proof that when people join together we can bring about real change.

Join us in celebrating this success story by sharing the news with your friends on Facebook, Tweet or shout it out in the street – people power can and does make a difference!

Say thanks to @Burberry for doing the right thing!

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