Greenpeace USA Urges President Biden to take Bold Action on Oil and Gas as he has on Oceans

September 20, 2023

On Wednesday at the UN Climate Ambition Summit, President Biden failed to address oil and gas phaseout.

Greenpeace leadership at the Climate March in NYC with a banner that says

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK (September 20th, 2023) – In response to the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Ambition Summit, Ebony Twilley Martin, Greenpeace USA Executive Director, said: “As the leader of one of the most heavily polluting countries, President Biden’s absence at the summit and failure to commit to phasing out oil and gas is simply shameful. 

“After a summer of deadly wildfires, droughts, and heatwaves, we need President Biden to confront the industry that’s responsible for polluting the communities who support him. 75,000 people did not flood the streets of New York for half-baked measures and well-placed sound-bites. President Biden got a taste of being a hero in the global spotlight during the signing of the UN Ocean Treaty. He can keep the positive spotlight on him if he uses the same audacity to halt all new oil and gas projects.

“While President Biden was not present at the summit, California Governor Gavin Newsom spoke forcefully, calling out oil, gas, and coal companies for fueling the climate crisis in his remarks. We look forward to Governor Newsom following up on his powerful rhetoric with concrete action by ending new permits, and providing leadership on what a just and equitable fossil fuel phase out can look like in California.”


Contact: Gigi Singh, Greenpeace USA Senior Communications Specialist, [email protected], +1 (631) 404-9977 

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