Oil and gas companies’ profits may soon face a cap in California, as first bill of its kind passes state legislature

by Katie Nelson

March 27, 2023

SBX1-2 seeks to hold Big Oil accountable in California.

SACRAMENTO, CA (March 27, 2023)–In response to the California Legislature passing a bill to hold California’s fossil fuel companies accountable for price gouging, Greenpeace USA Senior Climate Campaigner Caroline Henderson, said: 

“Today, thanks to the governor’s persistence and the groundswell of grassroots support, we are one step closer to ending Big Oil’s era of unchecked greed that is costing Californians more than our paychecks. In the lead-up to this pivotal vote, we saw the full force of the fossil fuel industry’s lobbying apparatus on display – and yet, today people power won. While we celebrate today’s passage of SBX1-2, the 2.7 million Californians living dangerously close to toxic fossil fuel extraction can’t afford for Newsom to stop here. Newsom must take the next step in protecting Californians from polluter greed, by using his executive authority to immediately halt all new drilling permits near homes and schools and working quickly to finalize a public health and safety buffer zone between oil wells and communities.”


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Katie Nelson

By Katie Nelson

Katie Nelson is a Senior Communications Specialist at Greenpeace USA.

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