Greenpeace's hot-air balloon flies over the forests of Mahan in Madhya Pradesh.

If you are not a citizen of Junglistan yet, you are missing out on a lot of things. For one thing is certain, the Republic of Junglistan is a country that never sleeps.

“Why this Koyla (coal) mining di?”

Just before 2011 ended, Sheroo and Bhaloo, from the Republic of Junglistan, came up with their version of the chartbuster ‘Kolaveri di’. Sheroo lent his vocals and Bhaloo played the music, and with the help of some other citizens of Junglistan they recorded ‘Why this Koyla mining di’. Take a look but do come back to this blog because I have more to tell you about the happening Junglistan (Hint: Abhay Deol).

With this video Sheroo and Bhaloo have shot to instant stardom. If rumours are to be believed, they might be seen in a big budget Indian film soon.

Abhay Deol joins the Republic of Junglistan

While Sheroo and Bhaloo are probably becoming favourites in the Indian film industry, the Republic of Junglistan has a new favourite from the same industry. Ask anyone in Junglistan who their favourite actor is, and they will not take a second to tell you, it’s Abhay Deol.

The actor joined the citizens of Junglistan in the forests of Mahan in Madhya Pradesh this week. These beautiful forests are also threatened by coal mining. Abhay Deol went on-board the hot-air balloon which flew over these lush-green forests. He was accompanied by a team from the television news channel Times Now and a Greenpeace campaigner.

Looking down at the vast forest, Abhay told the journalists about the urgent need to save these forests. He said that allowing coal mining in Mahan will only open up the entire forest area to be destroyed for coal . Watch Abhay Deol fly over the forests of Mahan.


Some people from the companies that promote coal mining were not happy with all this talk about saving forests. So they disrupted the proceedings and the citizens of Junglistan and Abhay Deol had to leave.

They are safe, and are on their way back to the hum-drum of the cities. They’ll have a lot of stories to tell once they come back. Become a citizen of Junglistan and get your friends to join, if you and your friends don’t want to miss out on all the exciting happenings to save the Republic of Junglistan that will be told here soon.

Image: © Ronny Sen / Greenpeace


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