50 Times Polar Bears Crushed It for Greenpeace

by Lauren Reid

February 27, 2018

For International Polar Bear Day, we took a stroll down memory lane to revisit some of the incredible moments where polar bears have helped us create change across the globe.

A man shaves next to an activist dressed as a polar bear at India's Taj Mahal. The polar bear was demanding global action to protect the Arctic. The activity was part of the 'Arctic Rising' actions which follow the rising sun across the globe on the longest day, June 21st. Greenpeace was campaigning for a global sanctuary around the north pole, and a ban on oil drilling and unsustainable fishing in the wider Arctic.

It would be an understatement to suggest that we love the polar bear. In fact, we’re obsessed. This magnificent animal has played a vital role in shaping and impacting numerous global Greenpeace campaigns — from our early efforts to address climate change to combating plastic pollution; from protesting oil drilling to helping highlight the plight of imprisoned Greenpeace activists in Russia. In many ways, the polar bear has been a true symbol of these efforts, of why people invest in the protection of our planet. We consider her a beloved activist in her own right behind the environmental movement.

So on International Polar Bear Day, we wanted to feature this glorious creature — paying homage to an animal that has represented so much to so many. From at times irreverent and hilarious to deeply moving, here are 50 images that helped catapult some of our most important campaigns onto the international stage, creating moments that have engaged and inspired us all into action.

Lauren Reid

By Lauren Reid

Lauren Reid is the International Communications Lead with the Clean Air Now Campaign. She first volunteered with Greenpeace on the Rainbow Warrior in 2015, for a campaign against overfishing and human rights abuses observed at sea. Lauren is based in New Orleans, LA and you can peep her on Twitter @Lo_Pickles.

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