The Best Greenpeace Photos of 2018

by Kaitlin Grable

December 19, 2018

Take a peek at some of the most compelling imagery from a year filled with people power and activism seen all around the globe.

Greenpeace activists in peaceful protest, displaying a banner saying “Protect the Antarctic” on the Ukrainian krill trawler 'More Sodruzhestva' in the Bransfield Strait near Greenwich Island, Antarctic. Greenpeace is calling for the krill industry to commit to stop fishing in any area being considered by governments for ocean sanctuary status, and to back proposals for marine protection in the Antarctic.

© Paul Hilton / Greenpeace

In 2018, we’ve experienced many moving and captivating moments of Greenpeace activism. Together we have inspired and created real change, and we have many victories to be proud of. We have also experienced serious challenges which threaten everything we fight for. Despite this, we have and will continue alongside the millions of you who choose to stand with us in the fight for a green and peaceful world.

Without further ado, here are the photos that defined our year. From testaments of people power to individual acts of — with a few cute critters as a bonus — these images capture some of the most powerful moments of 2018.

Kaitlin Grable

By Kaitlin Grable

Kaitlin Grable (she/they) is an Online Content Specialist at Greenpeace USA. She is currently based out of Durham, North Carolina on Eno and Occaneechi territory.

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