Amy Moas

Amy Moas photo

Amy Moas, Ph.D. is a senior forest campaigner for Greenpeace based in Las Vegas.

Amy focuses on the drivers of deforestation and forest degradation around the world including in the Canadian boreal, Congo Basin and Southeast Asia where pulp & paper and other commodities are linked to massive destruction of critically important forests, habitat loss for threatened and endangered wildlife, and human and labor rights abuses. Amy uses science and market-based campaigns to drive changes in the supply chains of these commodities in many large corporations, drive changes in the political landscape of the countries most impacted, and ultimately promote a future filled with healthy forests and communities.

Amy joined the world of advocacy after leaving academia. She served as Instructor at the School of Environmental and Public Affairs and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas before joining Greenpeace in 2013. Amy’s scholarship including a dissertation on the recent history of the American conservation movement, as well as research on forest management and protected area formation as impacted by land tenure regimes.

Amy holds a Doctorate degree in Environmental Science from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and a Masters degree in Environmental Policy from Oxford University.

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