Democracy Issues & Threats

Democracy is supposed to work for us, not corporations. So why do huge companies and super-rich individuals—including some of the world’s worst polluters—have so much influence on our government? It’s time to stop these companies and individuals from putting our rights at risk for their profit.

Airship Protests Koch Brothers Meeting

The Greenpeace Airship A.E. Bates flies over the location of Charles Koch's secret political strategy meeting in Rancho Mirage, California in January, 2011.

© Gus Ruelas / Greenpeace

We know that the environmental challenges ahead of us are great. We urgently need to make progress on fighting climate change, protecting our oceans, stopping deforestation, preserving the Arctic, and much more.

A democracy crippled by special interests and corporate influence can’t achieve this progress. Every year, fossil fuel corporations like Shell, BP and ExxonMobil and people like the Koch brothers make billions by maintaining the status quo.

They’re fighting against the changes we need for a better future, so we’re fighting back. Here’s what we’re up against.

Attacks on Voting Rights

Everyone deserves equal voice in a democracy. Despite this, corporations are aligning to undermine the voting rights of the communities fighting for change. Too often, it’s those most affected by pollution and environmental destruction that see their voices suppressed.

Instead of restricting rights, we need to be knocking down barriers and propping up the right to vote. So what’s going on?

Money in Politics

Climate denying corporations and individuals are fighting against the changes we need by funneling unlimited amounts of money into political campaigns. But this extent of corporate influence in political campaigns and decision-making is fairly recent.

How did it get this way? And how can we stop it?

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