Envisioning the #ReuseRevolution

by Katie Camosy

October 31, 2019

What exactly does a future without reliance on single-use plastics look like? Watch these videos and you'll find out.

In the past year, we’ve seen polluted beaches and oceans full of microplastic. But we’ve also seen signs of progress like innovative solutions to single-use packaging.

We decided to make a video series featuring some of the best solutions from around the world to help envision the future we’re fighting for.

From the beginning, animation seemed like the best medium to show a future that’s not fully here yet. We also decided to tell the stories without any voice-over or text on screen.

We commissioned director Gregory Gangemi to bring these solutions to life. “Protecting and saving the earth, and the work that Greenpeace does, is something I have always been passionate about,” Gangemi explains. “Watching protesters hanging banners or Zodiacs chasing whaling boats was inspiring to me as a kid. I recognized that this was a movement I had to participate in.”

Corporations have deflected blame for the throwaway plastic pollution that is overwhelming our environment and impacting our health and communities for far too long. We have been told that recycling and better waste management are the answers to this crisis, while corporate giants continue to push mass production and consumption of single-use products worldwide. But, we will never recycle our way out of this plastics epidemic. 

It’s clear that if corporations do not do their part and replace single-use packaging with refillable and reusable alternatives, they will become increasingly irrelevant in a new economy.

“Greta Thunberg said that people need to be creative about the ways they help this movement,” Gangemi says. “While my path did not lead me to a life of direct activism, I found a voice through visual storytelling.”

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Video Credits: Written, produced and directed by Gregory GangemiArt direction and illustrations by Jocelyn TsaihSound by James Merle ThomasCharacter animation by Joshua Merck. Storyboards and cel animation by Will Robertson3D by CJ Chun, Nico DelGiudice, Janice LeeFinished at The Molecule NYC.

By Katie Camosy

Katie Camosy is a senior video producer for Greenpeace USA.

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