For those gamers out there who hate toxics.

by Guest Blogger

July 27, 2009

Me gusta jugar video juegos.  This is the ONE phrase from high school Spanish that I remember. Yes, I am a gamer. Set me up with a night filled with Left for Dead… plop me on a couch so I can cuddle up with my PSP and roll around a Katamari. Okay, so I am a girlie gamer… true confession.

Last week, Greenpeace released videos that turned PS3s, Wiis and XBOX360s into Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft representatives (respectively). For those of you who have been entranced by a game for the past week, allow me to share my favorite:



In case you don’t know what brominated flame retardants (BFRs) are or why polyvinyl chrloride (PVC) and phthalate should not be in your consoles or other electronics, check out our Q&A about it! 

Short answer – The life cycle of these electronics are not sustainable and they are dangerous for the folks who make and disassemble them. I advise you take action and ask the makers to do what is right – let us rest easy and play our games in peace!

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