Here’s How YOU Can “Make A Plan to Vote” for the Planet

October 22, 2020

This is a critical electoral year for setting the stage for the political fight to win on key issues like the Green New Deal, pivotal voting reforms, and removing the influence of the fossil fuel industry from our politics. We need everyone in this fight and that includes you!

With the backdrop of a global pandemic that continues to impact our lives, especially Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities, we feel the urgency of ensuring people have what they need, including a plan to vote. Making a plan to vote is more than just understanding how you are going to vote, and be safe while doing so, but also how your friends and family will vote. In 2016, more than 10-million climate voters sat out on the election and what we got was a Climate Denier-in-Chief, the continued exploitation of the planet, and our communities, and a whole host of attacks on climate activists who are trying to fight for the health of our fragile blue planet. Trump is trying to bully and cheat his way through an election he knows he’s losing.

We know you’ve probably heard this a million times already, but this is the most important election of our lifetime, the result of which will define the trajectory of our planet.

This election cycle is unlike any we’ve witnessed. This is a critical electoral year for setting the stage for the political fight to win on key issues like the Green New Deal, pivotal voting reforms, and removing the influence of the fossil fuel industry from our politics.We need everyone in this fight and that includes you!

So, What You Can Do?

All things considered, we still have hope. Amidst all of the Trump administration’s incompetence and insistence on lying, we have more support and momentum than ever to remove Trump from office and get back on the right track for a green, peaceful and just future. Trump hopes that by sowing chaos and stoking fear, it will stop us from voting at all. But we’re onto him and we count on us. 

Here are 3 quick & easy steps you can take to “make a plan to vote”

1. Check your voter registration status

One of the first steps in your plan to vote must be to register to vote or update your registration status. Registration deadlines and rules vary by state so make you take care of this as soon as possible. Visit non-partisan resources like to easily check your registration status.


2. Make a decision on how you’re voting and make sure you know the laws in your state

After you’ve registered now it’s time to make a decision on how to vote. This election cycle is unlike any other in that we are still in the midst of a deadly global pandemic. Your health and the health of your community is of utmost importance, so it’s necessary to carefully consider how and where you will vote.

3. Vote Early

Early voting is a great way to avoid long lines at the polls on election day and ensure your voice is heard. Early voting starts soon – it may have already started in your state! Head to Greenpeace’s BallotReady site to make your plan for early voting and see what specific rules your state might have. You can also call or text 866-OUR-VOTE for nonpartisan help if you have questions.

4. Vote-by-Mail

  • Millions of people will be voting by mail as a way to keep safe and still have their voices heard in this election during the pandemic. Vote-by-mail is a safe and secure way to engage in this election while maintaining safety from your home.
  • Each state is different so make sure you know your state’s deadlines and procedures. Visit for more information on your state’s guidelines

OR In-Person

  • As we have already seen during the 2020 primaries, in-person requires a lot of preparation in order to be safe. In addition to Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) like a mask, gloves, and hand sanitizer, being aware of your polling locations rules and procedures is critical for making sure your vote is counted properly.
  • If you’re voting in person on November 3rd, be sure to check the hours of your polling location and double-check what you need to vote. Each state, and polling location, have different so make sure you have all items required. Lastly, don’t forget to arrive early, wear a mask, and stay at least six feet away from others


Next, Make a Plan with a Friend or Loved One

  1. Voting is more fun with friends. A part of the political process is researching the issues and having conversations, though sometimes difficult, with friends and family. There is no easy way to talk about climate catastrophe, police brutality, voter suppression, and other key issues in this election but having the conversation is key.
  2. Remember national elections are more than just voting for a president make sure you do your research about down-ballot candidates and local initiatives that impact your community and the climate. The next step is making sure your friends/neighbors/loved ones are clear about where they can get accurate information for voting.
  3. You and your loved ones can visit more details on how you can make a plan to vote for our communities and our planet.

Join in the National Movement to #SavethePostalService

  1. Don’t forget to join us in support of the USPS. All of 2020 Trump has been intentionally trying to suppress the vote by spreading lies about the USPS and vote-by-mail and attempting to disrupt our trust in them. Under Trump, this has included installing Louis DeJoy as postmaster to disrupt the service of USPS, lying about vote-by-mail publicly because he knows how powerful it is, and fighting to defund the USPS so he can privatize mail service and profit from it. We can fight back against this by showing our support for the USPS.
  2. You can request a postcard that you can send via USPS and stimulate their service and sign this petition in support of saving the USPS from Trump’s attacks.

Greenpeace’s mission is to promote solutions that are essential to a green, just, and peaceful future. We know that when we come out to vote in huge numbers, the planet and our communities win. The 2020 election is critical in setting the stage for the political fight to pass a Green New Deal and in order to win we need to combat voter suppression and increase voter turnout. In this 2020 election, we have the power to swap a destructive force in the White House with a movable one, someone whose stance on environmental justice can be pushed with enough political pressure.

It’s all hands on deck! We need everyone to fight Trump’s lies and ensure we have a climate champion in office who will fight for the health of the planet and our communities.

Artist John Quigley creates an iconic visual message themed, Hummingbird Rising: Human Mandala for Climate Justice! This artistic ritual will be fueled by people power as we share our collective intention to manifest a regenerative future. This co-created symbol is a message to world leaders of all levels that the climate has changed and so must we.

Don’t let you and your loved ones be silenced in this election. Make A Plan…and Then Vote like the Planet depends on it – because it does.

We Need Your Voice. Join Us!

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