The ice is disappearing, but a movement is emerging

by Will McCallum

September 22, 2020

The melting Arctic is a loud wake-up call. Our oceans and all the amazing creatures that call it home need our help now more than ever.

Ivory gulls congregate on a small ice floe at the sea ice edge, the Arctic Sunrise can be seen in the background. A Greenpeace team is in the Arctic to document and bear witness to the 2020 sea ice minimum.

© Daniella Zalcman / Greenpeace

Today, scientists sounded another alarm on the impacts of the climate breakdown: the Arctic sea ice minimum has reached its 2nd lowest level since measurements began. 

The melting Arctic is a loud wake-up call. Our oceans and all the amazing creatures that call it home need our help now more than ever. They need you to stand with the 3 million people who have pledged to protect the oceans, to demand governments protect at least 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030. And governments must act fast – as the Arctic could be free of summer sea ice by 2035. This is the reality of climate breakdown, and it’s happening right now,

Healthy oceans thriving with life keep carbon safely stored out of the atmosphere and by protecting at least 30% of the oceans with a network of ocean sanctuaries, marine ecosystems can build resilience to better withstand rapid climatic changes. Scientists have identified the Arctic as one of the priority areas needing protection because of its vital importance to the global climate.

The Arctic is in urgent need of protection, and world leaders at the UN Biodiversity Summit must commit to protecting the oceans as part of  tackling the climate emergency. To show them what’s at stake, the Greenpeace shipArctic Sunrise, with a crew of campaigners, activists, and scientists on board, is in the Arctic right now, bearing witness to climate breakdown.

The most marginalized people in our societies are the ones most impacted by the climate crisis and ocean destruction. Healthy oceans are an important source of local food for so many communities in the Global South. We must make sure politicians listen to their voices and the voices of millions of people calling for immediate action to protect our blue planet. It’s vital that we get this right for people, for all marine life, and for the planet. 

From now on we need to be like the ocean waves: powerful and unrelenting! When things seem challenging, we must remember that we have the support of millions of ocean protectors around the world. We won’t stop, because we can’t—there’s too much at stake. We must care for the oceans, and each other. 

We will never stop the fight to protect our oceans. Will you join us?

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Will McCallum

By Will McCallum

Will McCallum is Head of Oceans at Greenpeace UK.

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