California Climate Emergency

The science is clear: we must stop drilling for oil and gas if we want to maintain a livable planet. Unfortunately, greedy oil and gas companies have set out plans to further expand fossil fuel extraction, putting the planet on a dangerous course to surpass the amount that, if burned, could render our beloved California unlivable.

That's why this fall, Fire Drill Fridays, Jane Fonda, and Greenpeace USA are diving into California Climate Action with live, monthly conversations featuring environmental experts and justice activists; opportunities for groups and individuals to get involved in the movement; and much more. Join us!

As the 4th largest economy in the world and a major oil and gas producer, California has an important role to play in building a future beyond fossil fuels and showing the rest of the country and the globe that it’s possible. Through mobilizing tens of thousands of Californians like you, deploying our message on banner drops, hot air balloons, and more, Greenpeace USA works alongside frontline communities and local activists to ensure California rightfully lives up to its reputation as an environmental leader.

As a direct result of this work, Governor Gavin Newsom has recently taken some major steps to move California off fossil fuels and halt the dangerous practice of neighborhood drilling, including signing into law SB 1137, a bill that prevents new drilling and rework permits within 3,200 feet of where people live, work, and play. In so doing, Governor Newsom sealed his commitment to champion this issue and built momentum toward phasing out oil operations in neighborhoods, which accounts for nearly 25% of in-state production.

Are you one of the millions of Californians living less than a mile from an oil and gas well? Use this interactive map to see if you live near toxic drilling.

In 2022, Governor Newsom also signed a state budget that includes a $40 million fund that could be available for direct payments to fossil fuel workers for wage replacement and healthcare — thus setting in motion a crucial pilot program that lays the groundwork to protect communities and workers as we transition off fossil fuels.

And in April 2021, the governor announced a goal to phase out oil production by no later than 2045, a historic and globally significant signal of a major economy’s commitment to a future beyond fossil fuels.

While these steps show progress, science and justice demand California boldly and swiftly act to phase out fossil fuels. In considering our goal of ending production by 2045, California is delaying the necessary action we need and ignores the fact that we cannot begin to phase out oil and gas production without first halting new fossil fuel projects. Simultaneously, the fossil fuel industry has dumped $20 million on a referendum to overturn the 3,200-foot buffer zone between communities and oil drilling – successfully delaying these crucial public health protections from taking effect by another two years. Since then, the Newsom administration has approved hundreds of new oil permits within 3,200 feet of communities, a shocking reversal of Newsom's commitment to end neighborhood drilling that we can’t allow to go unnoticed.

That’s why we’re building the people power in California to demand that Governor Newsom get California back on track as a climate and public health leader by using his executive powers to half new drilling permits and immediately issue a 3,200-foot buffer zone to protect families, workers, and communities from harmful oil drilling.

The Hollywood Sign is burning … because of Big Oil

Just before United Nations climate negotiations began in fall 2023, Greenpeace USA lit up the Hollywood Sign with a message to Governor Gavin Newsom, President Joe Biden, and other world leaders — we demand an end to the age of oil.

Wildfires in the West

Actor, Activist, and Fire Drill Fridays Founder, Jane Fonda, welcomes WWE superstar and passionate environmentalist, Brie Bella, and Greenpeace USA wildfire expert, Amy Moas, Ph.D., to discuss how climate-driven wildfires are changing the livability of places we love in the Western US. Find out more about why these wildfires are worsening, how they are impacting people, and what we can do about it. 

Climate Victories in California

Actor, Activist, and Fire Drill Fridays Founder, Jane Fonda, welcomes California State Senator, Lena Gonzalez, and community organizer, Maricruz Ramirez, to discuss and celebrate the historic climate and public health victory in California. Jane, Senator Gonzalez, and Maricruz will shed light on what this victory means for people and our planet, and the lessons along the way that can help us strengthen the climate movement. 

California Climate Action Academy: Introduction to Non-Violence

Explore why Greenpeace uses non-violent direct action, how direct action has historically been used, and what part you play in this living history. We’ll talk about the basics of what we mean when we say “direct action” and how this fits into a broader campaigning framework. This video will also get you thinking deeper about where you stand in your views of direct action and how those opinions relate to others’ viewpoints.

California Climate Action Academy: Basics of Action Planning

Think through the steps of direct action planning – what it takes to get from an idea to execution and consider issues you may not have thought of yet. We’ll also talk about where and when your action can be most influential, and how to start thinking through opportunities near you.

California Climate Action Academy: Creative Messaging & Banners

Learn how to make effective messaging and visuals in a creative way. This is the production phase of direct action and making your message clear and beautiful is just as important as where you put it!