Lace Up Your Sneakers

by Michelle Frey

April 7, 2009

Heart-pounding suspense and fast-paced action surround the popular television show 24. The fictional character, Jack Bauer, heroically conquers espionage, terrorism and chemical attacks. His exploits only last one hour, once a week. After we watch the show, we are sufficiently entertained, turn off the television and go on with our busy lives. But, there is some truth behind the stories on 24. In particular-–the dangers posed to us by chemicals such as chlorine. We use these chemicals for disinfecting water. These chemicals are stored in large quantities all over the country–posing a serious risk to you and your family in the event of an accident or terrorist attack.  

Check out the new 24-style video that Greenpeace just launched. It will show you exactly what I am talking about.

I don’t want to dwell on the grim and the dark. It has been a pretty dismal few months and it seems no news has been good news lately. I want to end my blog on a more positive note–real change is possible! There are safer alternatives to some of these chemicals. And, we can increase security and regulations so the chemical plants and the transportation of these chemicals are done in a safer manner–protecting both you and I.  

Congress has legislation in the works that would address these issues–they just need to hear from their constituents (that’s you and I, again). If they know it is important to us–they are more likely to pass the legislation. We know they are hearing from the chemical lobbyists. They are pouring millions of dollars into making sure these hazardous chemicals continue to be used are safer regulations continue to be ignored.

Let’s turn this story into a happy ending–we want safer alternatives where we can and safer regulations so we can all be spared a catastrophic event. Take action today, check out our video and tell all your friends and family!


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