Mark Deklin Wants to Help You Protect Free Speech

by Molly Dorozenski

May 26, 2017

Mark Deklin, Designated Survivor villain and Greenpeace eco-hero, is helping us fight for free speech.

Mark Deklin Designated Survivor

Photo by Geoff Moore.

Following massive lawsuits filed against Greenpeace offices that threaten free speech, we’ve been asking for celebrations of free speech by our favorite artists, actors and musicians.

As more and more Greenpeace supporters around the world contribute their voice to the campaign, they unlock new “rewards” and fun surprises. The latest? Mark Deklin showing us how to fight for eco-justice.

You might know Mark Deklin best as the villain Senator Jack Bowman on Designated Survivor. And he does it so well, you might not know that he’s actually a super nice guy.

Entertainment Weekly wrote “That beautiful foe Senator Bowman isn’t pleased about not getting his way…. This guy has a face you just want to punch. Mark Deklin, you’re doing your job too well.” And TV Guide wrote “We have ourselves a villain! Thank god for slimeball senator Jack Bowman (Mark Deklin). This guy is a real sleaze…and by that, I mean he’s a real politician.”

We’re not sure if Senator Bowman would be a Greenpeace supporter, but we’re certainly thankful for Mark Deklin.

Mark showcases his love for free speech and his love for the environment, acting, and also fight choreography. And that’s what we’re sharing with you today.

Of fight choreography, Deklin says “stage combat only appears violent, but is in fact built on non-violence and cooperation.” It’s a form of storytelling that amps up all the best scenes in movies, TV, and plays. And Mark does it really, really well, and breaks it down for us in this cool video.

Here’s the video that Mark shared with us thanks to people like YOU speaking up. Kids, don’t try this at home!

And if that weren’t enough, Mark worked at Greenpeace many years ago after answering an ad for rock climbers. We’re delighted to have him come back for this sweet cameo.

To unlock more surprises, call 213-335-2077 and record yourself saying “our voices are vital!”

Fight for the Future, Fight for the Planet, Fight to be Heard!

By Molly Dorozenski

Molly Dorozenski is a Project Leader at Greenpeace US, where she has worked for eight years in creative and strategic communications. She has planned and executed comprehensive communications campaigns including campaigns on climate, the Arctic, the Gulf Oil Spill, as well as a variety of corporate campaigns that helped move companies towards more sustainable practices. In 2015 she received an Effie Award for work with the VIA Agency that pushed tech companies to commit to using more renewable energy.

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