Must Love Dogs: Something Weird Is Going on at the Interior Department

by Kyli Wagner

May 5, 2017

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke is, like many Americans, a dog-lover. Unlike most Americans though, he’s also super into denying climate change, increasing carbon emissions, and selling off public lands to the oil and gas industry.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's dog, Ragnar, attends a meeting at the Department of the Interior. Credit: @SecretaryZinke/Twitter

Climate fails and puppy dog tails — that’s what Ryan Zinke is made of.

Today, the Department of the Interior will open its doors to our favorite four-legged friends for #DoggyDay. Leading up to #DoggyDay, Secretary Zinke has been sharing some cute pictures of department dogs. He says that having dogs in the office boosts morale and reduces stress.

Which got us thinking of something else that boosts morale and reduces stress — spending time in national parks and forests that aren’t being drilled, fracked, and mined into oblivion.

But enough about that. Let’s meet some of the pups that get Zinke’s tail wagging!

Zoe, dog-ter of one of Interior’s photographers, is so young and innocent. She probably has no idea that the camera she’s curled around was probably used to take the photo of a coal seam that replaced a happy hiker on the DOI’s Bureau of Land Management website.

Caesar and Oliver can’t believe what they’ve just heard. Ryan Zinke wants to open public lands for oil drilling! They have only one thing to say: “Life without public lands sure would be ruff!”

Archie loves going on long walks through his favorite national parks (when he isn’t trying to ward off fleas, that is). But as climate change advances — thanks to increased carbon emissions from Zinke’s friends in the fossil fuel industry — flea and tick populations are growing. What used to be a seasonal threat is now impacting dogs like Archie year round.

Ragnar is practicing for his presidential campaign. Unlike his owner Ryan Zinke, Ragnar wants to put people and pups first, keep our communities safe, and protect our public lands from extraction. #Ragnar2020

Oh, Muffin. Look at the joy on that face! Muffin is smiling because she heard that people like you have been fighting back and telling the Department of the Interior that you won’t let fossil fuel companies drill on public lands. Only dogs and archaeologists should be allowed to dig up old bones.

Ryan Zinke has other animal friends too! Like the climate, Louie is feeling HOT. There’s no time for horsing around. We must protect our public lands and waters from extraction TODAY.

Want to put a stop to the madness and protect public lands for people and pups? Tell Ryan Zinke that public lands are no place for oil and gas drilling!

Kyli Wagner

By Kyli Wagner

Kyli Wagner is a Grassroots Assistant at Greenpeace USA.

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