Obama’s Energy Speech Disaster

by Christine Irvine

March 30, 2011

Fears of increased radiation levels continue at Fukushima. Greenpeace’s team on the ground in Japan have found dangerous radiation levels outside the evacuation zone ordered by authorities. Our thoughts remain with the Japanese people.

Today, President Obama spoke at Georgetown University about this country’s “energy security,” and encouraged the increased development of coal, oil and nuclear power. Greenpeace USA’s Executive Director Phil Radford said:

President Obama’s energy policy has already been riddled with disasters, so it’s astounding that he would encourage even greater dependence on dangerous energy sources like oil drilling and nuclear power at a time when the risks have been made all too clear. For the millions of Americans put at risk by the inherent dangers of nuclear power, or those whose livelihoods have been destroyed by the Gulf oil disaster, more of the same is hardly the path toward ‘Energy Security.’ True leadership in the face of these disasters would mean setting out an energy plan that would move us away from our dependence on fossil fuels and dangerous nuclear power and instead harnessing abundant, safe and clean renewable energy.

As he arrived in his motorcade, he waved to the crowd gathered outside. And, to be sure that President Obama knows that we want a truly clean energy future, I and other Greenpeace activists were there to send a message. We shouldn’t be building new nuclear reactors, and we can’t rely on risky offshore drilling or dangerous coal. How about a Clean Energy Revolution?

Presidential Motorcade


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