Participate in Greenpeace’s Earth Day Vine Challenge!

by Melissa Thompson

April 21, 2014

There are so many things you can do for the planet all week to celebrate Earth Day. This year we’re asking you to do something a little different- create aVine for Greenpeace’s very first Vine challenge!

What is a Vine, and what does it have to do with Earth Day?

A Vine is a short, looping video on a platform owned by Twitter. Greenpeace has been using them to creatively document fun activities and environmental news . Now we want to see your Vines! Our theme is “a greener online for a greener offline,” as a way to raise awareness about our campaign asking tech companies to use renewable energy for their platforms so we can #clickclean.

Here’s the first one!

So all week we’re accepting submissions with the hashtag #GPVineChallenge.

All you have to do is show us your greener offline any way you want. It could be you working in your garden, walking your dog, your kids planting a tree or a solo afternoon bike ride.Too cold outside still? Your outdoors scene can even be created indoors if you want. Maybe you’re bakingEarth Day cupcakesor creating an underwater scene out of clay? It’s up to you!

The coolest part of this challenge? Right now, Greenpeace is asking tech companies to commit to 100% renewable energy for their data centers for our #ClickClean campaign. Leading tech companies like Google, Apple and Facebook have already made this commitment so we know it can be done.

Who are some of the companies we’re asking? You guessed it. Twitter and Vine. So when you create your Vine of enjoying the outdoors, we’ll promote the best ones to these companies so they can see that we need a greener online to enjoy a greener offline. Think of it as a visual petition.

So get as creative as you want and share your creation by Monday, April 28 using the hashtag #GPVineChallengefor a chance to be featured in our challenge!

Happy Earth Month!

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