Support Greenpeace and become a movie star!

by Mike Gaworecki

April 8, 2009

Okay, so you won’t really become a star. But you can become an extra in the remake of a classic George Romero horror film from 1973, The Crazies, which is currently in production. And you’re guaranteed to be seen in the theatrical or DVD release of the film!

In the movie, the residents of a small Iowa town start going crazy after they’re infected by an unknown substance that leaks into their water supply. No, the substance is not coal ash, pesticide runoff from factory farms, or mercury pollution from power plants, as horrifying as those substances are. It’s something far more "mysterious," I’m willing to bet.

So how do you support Greenpeace and get in the movie at the same time? Just go to this eBay auction and place a bid. The winner of the auction gets a featured walk-on role in the movie as an infected person, PLUS the comfort of knowing that the proceeds from the auction will benefit Greenpeace. We will in turn use the money to fund our work aimed at preventing people from getting infected by dangerous toxic substances, mysterious or otherwise.

The Crazies auction to benefit Greenpeace

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