Target’s Pathway to Real Action Toolkit

Help us guide Target to a plastic-free world.

Thank you for signing up to tackle plastic with us! You couldn’t have joined us at a better time. Target is among the nation’s largest grocery retailers and is a recognizable brand that claims to want to do the right thing for its customers, communities, and the planet. But Target, like other large retailers, sells an enormous amount of products packaged in single-use plastics. Target must show the leadership needed to move beyond throwaway plastics and toward systems of reuse and refill. Let’s build up the pressure and show Target that it’s time to take real action on single-use plastics.

Action 1: REVEAL – Many of you have taken so many individual actions. Tell the world one or two of the actions you are taking.

STEP 1: Log in to your social media and tag @Target

STEP 2: Creativity time, tell Target in your own words what you are doing to tackle plastic, and ask Target to join you. 

Need help? No worries, here are some examples: 

  • “I am eliminating plastics in my life as much as I can.  I need you to join me and help to save our oceans and our planet.”
  • Hey @Target! When will you publicly commit to phasing out single-use plastics? #ReuseRevolution #TargetDog
  • Hey @Target! I expect more! Time to tackle plastic and be part of the #ReuseRevolution #TargetDog
  • It’s time for @Target to lead the way to a plastic-free future and invest in reuse and refill systems! #ReuseRevolution #TargetDog
  • Hey @Target! When, when will you join the #ReuseRevolution? I’m ready for some plastic-free aisles! #TargetDog
  • Hey, @Target—Burning plastics is NOT the solution. Drop the @Hefty EnergyBag and be part of the #ReuseRevolution #TargetDog

STEP 3: Before you share, make sure your post is set to public and ask friends & family to join you!

Check out the examples below.

Don’t have a social media account? No problem! Text ‘CALL TARGET’ to 877-877, and we’ll connect you with their customer service line. Thanks so much for taking action!


Action 2: REUSE – Call Target and ask them to promote real solutions and tackle plastic pollution.

Step 1: Text “CALL TARGET” to 877-877

Ask Target to become a leader in the Reuse Revolution.

Step 2: Chat with a Target Representative and in your own words, ask them to join the #ReuseRevolution with you!  

Need support? Feel free to say one of the following;

  • Hi, my name is ________, and I’m calling because I want Target to join me in the #ReuseRevolution.
  • Hi, my name is ________, I know, Target is among the nation’s largest grocery retailers and is a brand that claims to want to do the right thing for its customers, communities, and the planet. It’s time for Target to do the right thing and become a leader. Target needs to announce a bold, ambitious plan to ditch throwaway plastics for good.
  • Hi, my name is ________, Greenpeace recently evaluated supermarkets on their efforts to move away from throwaway plastics and toward systems of reuse. Target scored a dismal 17 out of a possible 100 points on its plastic reduction efforts. It is time for Target to step forward as the leader needed in the retail sector.
  • Target has failed to adequately address the growing plastic pollution crisis that it contributes to. Ineffective strategies like recycling and incineration have distracted from the true leadership Target can achieve. It is time for Target to end the era of throwaway plastics altogether, and show a leadership role in making that happen. 

Step 3:  Call Target again and again and again over the next two weeks. 

Step 4: Share this toolkit on social media, and invite others to join you and call Target.

Step 5: Let us know how your conversation with Target went at [email protected]


Action 3: REINVENT – We’re going to deliver scorecards and letters to the manager in person to Target Stores all over the country. This tactic has been going on all throughout October, over 150 letters and scorecards have already been delivered! Let’s make sure we keep up the deliveries in November.

Step 1: Search for Targets in your area.

Step 2: Print out this scorecard and letter for Target Managers.

Step 3: Drive to the Targets near you and ask to speak with their store manager. Here are some things you can say:

  • Go to Guest Services and ask for a manager.
  • Manager arrives.

    • Hi, my name is ________, I am concerned about the amount of single-use plastic in Target stores. I would like you to share this scorecard or letter with your manager and ask them to pass it along to corporate.  I think Target would set a great example to other big retailers by announcing a bold, ambitious plan to ditch throwaway plastics for good.
    • Hi, my name is ________, I am perplexed by Target’s lack of leadership in reducing pointless plastic. Could you please share this scorecard and letter with corporate and please let them know that I believe they can become part of the #ReuseRevolution.

Step 4: Rinse and Repeat, will you visit more Targets near you?

**Feeling nervous about having a conversation in person, let us help and guide you in the conversation. Email us at [email protected], and let us know how you would like us to reach back to you.

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