Tell the Japanese government to protect children from reckless radiation limits

by Guest Blogger

May 16, 2011

A mother holds her baby at Yonezawa gymnasium which is now providing a shelter for 504 people who either lost their homes by the Tsunami or live near Fukushima nuclear Power Station. For those who lost their homes, or have been evacuated due to radiation fears, the future is uncertain.

The nuclear disaster at the Fukushima reactors is far from over. Last week, the plant’s owners, TEPCO, admitted that a full meltdown had occurred at Unit 1 and that molten fuel may have eaten through the floor of the reactor vessel.

Increased levels of radiation are being found throughout Japan. Last month, the Japanese government took the unpopular step of raising radiation limits for children in Fukushima Prefecture to twenty times the internationally recognized annual allowable dose for adults.

Our friends at Green Action Japan, a local NGO, have started a petition calling on the Japanese government to reverse its decision to expose children to dangerous levels of radiation. Please add your name here.

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