This Australian Band Wants to Stand up for Your Right to Speak Out

by Molly Dorozenski

June 13, 2017

To help encourage folks around the world to speak out for free speech, the experimental Australian band Yon Yon is offering a free track for download.

A massive Canadian logging company called Resolute Forest Products has sued Greenpeace US, Greenpeace Canada, and Greenpeace International in two multimillion dollar lawsuits that threaten free speech.  These lawsuits could shut down  Greenpeace US and Greenpeace Canada if Resolute wins.  

Authors, artists, and actors have been  contributing to our efforts by rewarding supporters with their work throughout the campaign.  

Actress Emma Thompson (Love Actually, Sense and Sensibility) told a story about free speech, Actress Jennette McCurdy (iCarly) recorded a message for supporters, and Designated Survivor actor and fight choreographer Mark Deklin showed us how to choreograph a fight.  We’ve also had a beautiful short film from director Tamra Davis (of Billy Madison  and Half Baked) and downloadable digital backgrounds from artist Hannah Rosengren that show the wildlife of the Boreal Forest.

Now, Australian band Yon Yonson is offering a beautiful track for free download with a message for Greenpeace supporters.

The Sydney based indie electronica group recently opened for Devendra Banhart on his Australian tour, and they have been selected as a Time Out Magazine artist of the month.  Yon Yonson has credited their diverse musical style to “the internet’ but a reviewer for Break on a Cloud says “my ears detect hints of Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors (minus female vox) and Hot Chip.”  The song that they are making available, “Berlin,” was reviewed in Purple Sneakers: “‘Berlin’ continues the trio’s trend of moulding pop melodies alongside sample based production and a touch of hip-hop lyricism. With clever electronic elements, beautiful piano lines and Yon Yonson’s signature vocals, the result is another step up in the unique and captivating soundscape we come to expect from the band.”

So put your headphones in, kick back, and thank Yon Yonson for this gorgeous free track!

By Molly Dorozenski

Molly Dorozenski is a Project Leader at Greenpeace US, where she has worked for eight years in creative and strategic communications. She has planned and executed comprehensive communications campaigns including campaigns on climate, the Arctic, the Gulf Oil Spill, as well as a variety of corporate campaigns that helped move companies towards more sustainable practices. In 2015 she received an Effie Award for work with the VIA Agency that pushed tech companies to commit to using more renewable energy.

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