Three Surprises Chase Got from Greenpeace USA

by Elizabeth Jardim

June 1, 2018

Greenpeace USA activists woke up really early today to pay a visit to Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who was scheduled to speak at an investor conference in New York this morning.

Enjoy your drink, Jamie!

We had a bag of surprises for Chase CEO Jamie Dimon to remind him of why toxic oil pipelines are a bad business…

Why are we doing this?

Chase is one of the dirty dozen banks — the institutions that in one way or another have financial relationships with tar sands pipelines projects, related pipeline companies, and/or Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), the company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

We have an unequivocal demand for Chase: to stop financing all these high-risk oil pipelines.

BREAKING: Activists are in New York this morning to demand Chase stops financing risky oil pipelines. Chase’s CEO, Jamie Dimon, is here today to address the investor community. So we are too!

Posted by Greenpeace USA on Friday, June 1, 2018

What our bag of surprises for Jamie Dimon included?

1. First, the bank’s current approach to financing dirty oil pipelines is as inadequate as a napkin would be to clean an oil spill… so, we decided to place hundreds of these napkins on the refreshment tables:

2. In case Mr. Dimon is not a coffee drinker, we thought it would be convenient to call him to the hotel front desk to address his company’s irresponsible investments so we broadcast these messages within the venue:

  • “What about risky oil pipelines, Jamie Dimon?”
  • “Jamie Dimon, please come to the front desk regarding Chase’s oil pipeline problem”


3. We believe Chase can mend its ways, as other banks already have. So as a sign of good faith we also offered free Wi-Fi to Mr. Dimon and other conference attendees… they only had to answer a short survey:

Please complete this survey for complimentary Wi-Fi access: Which financial institution has no prohibitions for funding dirty oil projects? A) HSBC; B) BNP Paribas; C) JPMorgan Chase *Hint: The answer is C.

These materials are reminders to Mr. Dimon of the significant opposition that continues to grow against oil and gas pipelines across North America.

Sign this petition to Chase and other banks to let them know what you think about their irresponsible investments in dirty pipelines that impact communities and the planet!

Elizabeth Jardim

By Elizabeth Jardim

Elizabeth Jardim is a corporate campaigner for Greenpeace USA. Her work is focused on pushing the IT sector to adopt renewable energy and more sustainable manufacturing practices.

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