What Safety?

by Meena Hussein

October 18, 2010

I’m really over all of these chemical plants getting safety awards as of late.  Last week, the American Chemistry Council (ACC) gave The Linde Group’s Sacramento, CA plant a Responsible Care Certification.  The Linde plant creates poison gases that are trucked to various industrial plants for electronic, chemicals manufacturing, food, and beverage processing. 

And a couple weeks ago, Dow Chemical received the Campbell Award for Environmental Health & Safety from The National Safety Council.  There are hundreds of chemical facilities across our nation that put hundreds of thousands of civilians at risk.  Not to mention, Dow Chemical is responsible for the thousands in Bhopal, India that are still sick and dying today because there are leftover tanks full of toxic chemicals leaching into the groundwater from the Union Carbide facility explosion back in 1984.

What if an explosion like this happened in the US? In your hometown?

What would Dow Chemical, or any other company for that matter, do?

In response to the Campbell Award, Dow’s Chariman and CEO, Andrew Liveris stated,  “Maintaining a strong commitment to the environment, health and safety is our top priority and is essential to business success, which ensures our ability to produce products without harm to our employees, communities or environment. We operate a ‘safety first, production second’ mindset at Dow, and our ‘Drive to Zero’ global safety goals will always come first.”

If Dow and the ACC truly cared about our communities, environment, and health, they would be working with Congress to pass real chemical security legislation, instead of claiming that a 700-word rider on a bill is sufficient for our national security. Take action now and tell Dow and the ACC to get their act together

Keep on giving yourselves awards industry, you’re not fooling anyone here.

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