What’s at Stake in 2020: Biodiversity

by Annie Leonard

November 3, 2020

We can keep the Endangered Species Act, undo the damage wrought by the Extinction Administration, and unleash a wave of environmental action

A young polar bear (Ursus maritimus) wanders on ice, seen from the Greenpeace ship during an expedition to document the lowest sea ice level on record.

© Daniel Beltrá / Greenpeace

If corporate profiteers continue to spew out climate pollution, chop down rainforests, overfish, and trash the oceans with plastics, one million species could go extinct. This is the scientific bombshell of the last decade, but it’s not inevitable.

Not only has Trump undermined climate science and action, but Trump is also trying to roll back the Endangered Species Act—the United States’ best tool for protecting wildlife, from whales and sea turtles to tigers and eagles.

Today is the last day to vote

Climate voters like you are turning out in record numbers and could change the course of history. So please, I am begging you, as a friend, as a fellow living being, do whatever you can today to vote Trump’s Extinction Administration out of office once and for all!

make a plan to vote

  • If you haven’t voted yet: stop what you are doing, grab your jacket and mask and go to the polls. Please do bring what you need to wait in line: food, warm clothes, your mask, an umbrella or raincoat, and maybe a folding chair.
  • If you are in line to vote: stay as long as you have to in order to vote. It is your legal right to vote, as long as you are in line before the polls close.
  • If you have already voted: thank you! Please check in with all your friends and family to make sure they are voting for a thriving planet. Send this blog to your friends and family. Then please call them, text them, and get the word out on social media.

This election is different

Due to coronavirus and health concerns, more people have voted absentee than ever before. Absentee ballots take longer to count because of security measures to verify the accuracy of those ballots. Some states can’t even start counting absentee ballots until after polls have closed on election night. We need to be calm and patient so election officials can take the time to make sure every eligible vote is counted accurately. And every vote must be counted! To make sure every vote is counted, individuals may need to protect the results by peacefully protesting and mobilizing in the streets and online to be heard! Now is the time to join the massive coalition organizing to protect the results.

You don’t want to wake up on January 20 and wish you had done more. We can defeat Trump, keep the Endangered Species Act intact, undo the damage wrought by the Extinction Administration, and unleash an unprecedented wave of environmental action. We can win a just transition off of fossil fuels, the Green New Deal, the Global Ocean Treaty, and massive forests protection.

Together, we can win a thriving, living world.

make a plan to vote

As the deadline for voting approaches, we’re pulling out all the stops to make sure that you, your friends, family, neighbors, and every environmental voter has their voice heard before the polls close. Our “What’s at Stake” series highlights a key issue that’s on the ballot. If you haven’t voted yet, now is the time. If people in your circle are on the fence, please share this post or have a conversation with them today.

Annie Leonard

By Annie Leonard

Annie Leonard is the co-Executive Director of Greenpeace USA. Leonard began her career at Greenpeace in 1988 and has returned to help the organization inspire and mobilize millions of people to take action to create a more sustainable future together. She is based in San Francisco.

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