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  • Illegal logging: Fuelling conflict and damaging livelihoods

    The fight against illegal logging has been a long and protracted one. Greenpeace itself has been involved for more than 20 years and, while it is undeniable that some progress has been made, it is equally evident that it continues to be a major problem.

    Irene Wabiwa 3 min read
  • Coastal Rainforest in Cameroon © Greenpeace / Alex Yallop

    Why FSC’s move to protect Intact Forest Landscapes is key for the Congo Basin

    In September 2014, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) members voted with an overwhelming majority at their General Assembly to protect "the vast majority" of Intact Forest Landscapes (IFLs) in and around FSC certified forest management areas.

    Irene Wabiwa 2 min read
  • Foggy View of Broadback Forest in Canada © Greenpeace

    Posted: Good news for forests!

    Today, 3M – the company behind the iconic yellow Post-It Notes – announced a new sustainable paper buying policy. This comes after years of campaigning by our friends at ForestEthics with recent support from Greenpeace.

    Rolf Skar 1 min read
  • Boreal Forest - Montagnes Blanches, Quebec © Markus Mauthe / Greenpeace

    Will you Stand for the Boreal Forest?

    Most people have heard about the Amazon rainforest and how we desperately need to protect it.

    Cristiana De Lia 1 min read
  • Tropical deforestation is bad news – the science keeps telling us

    This month, a major review of the impacts of tropical deforestation on agriculture  makes clear the link between tropical deforestation, changes in temperature, rainfall patterns and subsequent risks to food production.

    Dr Janet Cotter 3 min read
  • People on a Road in DRC Rainforest © Thomas Einberger / argum / Greenpeace

    FSC puts business interests first

    As a member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in Switzerland, as well as a Greenpeace campaigner focused on doing everything I can to protect our planet's last untouched forests, I am alarmed that FSC has already decided to allow Swiss-German timber group, Danzer, back into its system.

    Asti Roesle 3 min read
  • FSC Case Studies

    To keep FSC certification as a credible tool to help protect forests, Greenpeace International is publishing a series of case studies exposing controversial operations that are posing the greatest risk to the FSC’s integrity. We will also be highlighting best practice operations that are meeting and/or exceeding the FSC’s principles and criteria. These case studies…

    Greenpeace International 3 min read
  • A Russian coast guard officer is seen pointing a gun at a Greenpeace International activist as five activists attempt to climb the 'Prirazlomnaya,' an oil platform operated by Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom platform in Russia’s Pechora Sea.

    Are you being SLAPPed? How corporations and governments try to silence public debate

    The lawyers at Greenpeace International are a creative, dedicated team who tackle a wide range of duties. Part of our work is preparing legal strategies and defence for cases against Greenpeace International. We also monitor legal cases in which other Greenpeace organisations worldwide are involved. As a member of this team it gives me a…

    Karianne Bruning 4 min read
  • People on a Road in DRC Rainforest © Thomas Einberger / argum / Greenpeace

    4 reasons we all should #StandForForests

    We cannot sustain life without healthy, thriving forests. That is why Greenpeace campaigns for their protection and on this International Day of Forests, we want to share with you a few reasons why you should help.

    Greg Norman 2 min read
  • Boreal Forest - Montagnes Blanches, Quebec © Markus Mauthe / Greenpeace

    FSC suspends three of Resolute’s certificates

    The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) was created in 1993 to allow companies and the public to identify products coming from responsibly managed forests. In order to protect the world’s last remaining intact forests, consumers and companies who want to source products from responsibly managed forests need to trust the FSC label.

    Grant Rosoman 3 min read