Congratulations President Obama- we need your leadership more than ever

by Phil Radford

November 7, 2012

When President Obama was elected four years ago, his challenge was to stop us from going into financial freefall – now his challenge is even greater: to stop us from going into a climate freefall.

Hurricane Sandy plainly shows why solving global warming must be the top priority for President Obamas second term. The President must stop supporting the dirty energy sources that cause global warming, fueling extreme weather and putting our coastal communities, our farmers, and our children at risk.

In his first 100 days of office, the president should chart a course for replacing dirty energy like coal and oil with renewable sources like wind and solar. He can start by cutting taxpayer subsidies for fossil fuels and extending incentives for clean energy and efficiency.”

Americans will stand with the president if he pushes for policies that slow global warming and lower the risk of more droughts and superstorms like Sandy. Now is the moment, while the horrific pictures from New York and New Jersey are still seared into our public consciousness, for President Obama to set us on a course to a safer world.

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