Kick Corporate Money Out of Politics

Around the country, communities are demanding progress on the issues that matter to them. A democracy crippled by special interests and corporate influence can’t achieve this progress. Climate-denying corporations and individuals are fighting against the changes we need by funneling money into political campaigns. We’re fighting for a democracy that works for us.

Democracy Rally at Supreme Court in Washington DC

Activists dressed as $100 bills representing "The Money" have a tug of war with activists as "The People" in front of the Supreme Court.

© Greenpeace / Robert Meyers

It may seem like corporations have had a firm grip on U.S. politics for generations, but their current level of influence is actually a fairly recent phenomenon. Today, big corporations are setting the agenda, picking the candidates and drowning out the voices of ordinary citizens, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

When corporations own our democracy, the interests of the people get trampled by a stampede of campaign cash from corporations and the 1 percent — meaning that the government serves their interests instead of ours.

People and organizations that care about and work on the environment, civil rights, labor unions, women’s rights, and many other issues have come together because all of our rights — from clean air and water to the right to vote — are being undermined by corporate control of our government.

It hasn’t always been this way, and it doesn’t have to stay like this. We can — and will — hold our government accountable as we push for a democracy that is truly of, by and for the people. Here’s how.

Money Out, Voters In

Corporate interests — particularly fossil fuel companies — wield far too much influence over our democracy. In the 2016 election cycle, just 158 families made half of all contributions on the presidential campaign trail. The consequences are clear: the 1 percent is buying elections while making it harder for the rest of us to vote in the first place.

This is all made possible by the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court case, which opened the door for unlimited political spending by wealthy individuals and corporations.

Every dime our elected officials take from the fossil fuel industry warrants our scrutiny. We the people deserve better, and we’re asking for it. 


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