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Your 6-Step Handbook to Resisting Trump’s Agenda

April 2017

In these critical times, it’s crucial that we rise up and resist every one of the Trump administration’s attacks on clean air, clean water, and healthy communities. Together as the Resistance, we are more powerful than his anti-climate, anti-justice agenda.

These six steps are tasks folks all around the country can do right now to protect not only our planet, but the people who call it home. Don’t wait — join the Resistance!

Reject Trump’s dangerous agenda by voicing your dissent.

Educate yourself by attending a Greenpeace training or accessing resources here.

Support resistance work happening around the country.

Insist members of Congress protect your air and water.

Share these actions with your friends so they can help too.

Text “resist” to 877877 to be the first to find out about resistance efforts.