RESIST | Attend Town Halls

The Resistance Needs Your Voice

Tools to participate at a town hall near you

April 2017

Despite doing very little to actually represent the American people, Congress is taking a spring break. But together, we can make sure it’s not a restful one. During the Congressional Recess from April 10 to April 23, the Resistance will rise up to demand action at town halls across the nation.

We will demand our Congresspeople protect our air and water over fossil fuel profits, and defend the agencies and programs put in place to protect our health. Find a town hall near you today. Make sure to share your photos on social media and use the hashtag #ResistOften.

Guide to Testifying

Making public comments at a Town Hall is one of the most effective ways to make sure your Congresspeople hear your voice. Here is a short resource for crafting — and then presenting! — your own public comment.

Talking Points on EPA Budget Cuts

Facts, figures and data allow you to make public comments with strong support behind them. We have composed a series of talking points specifically around the EPA budget cuts that’s easy to reference and share with others.

Signs, Banners and Art

Town Halls are the perfect opportunity to send a message, and the more creative you can be the more likely you’ll stand out and be heard! This primer from our friends at the Ruckus Society gives you a handy set of tools to practice art and activism. Check it out to take your artivism to the next level!

Bring Your Friends

The Resistance runs on strength in numbers. Recruiting your friends, neighbors, family, and coworkers to attend with you is a critical part of taking civic action. The more people who raise their voice, the louder we can all be. Check out our these in-depth resources on Greenwire to learn how to recruit more people, more effectively.

Talk to the Press

When you raise your voice and demand accountability from your Congresspeople, the press can can be your ally in getting the message out. While this is by no means a certainty, it’s great to be prepared for speaking in media-friendly sound bytes about the issues you care about. Use these tips to help you practice and build your confidence speaking to media!